“If the Catcher in the Rye were a movie, and Holden were a girl, she’d probably be played by Stephanie from Full House. Because she has lots of learning to do.”

– A culturally relevant Junior. 

“Is incest illegal? Nothing personal, I’m just wondering.”

– A sophomore who should probably clear his phone’s browsing data. 

I avoid the pressure of selecting a new book to read by constantly purchasing new books and feeling accomplished. 

(Game of Thrones Spoilers)

What absolutely kills me about the GoT sept scene is not only that it seemingly nullifies any of the character growth shown by Jamie Lannister, but also that it alters the nature of their relationship. In the books, both are victimized, both are equal counterparts in a messed up relationship (while seeking some form of approval). The rape of Cersei Lannister victimizes her in a way she is not—she may be a victim of gender inequity, and emotional abuse, but one thing that has been made clear throughout the series—Jamie Lannister is not a rapist, and certainly not of the only woman he claims to have been fully loyal.

His taking advantage of her at the feet of their dead child adds an issue to their already poisonous relationship which wasn’t present in the original sex scene at the sept. The rape scene redistributes the power in their relationship, as well as the nature of their relationship. It forces only Jamie into a position of manipulation, implies that Cersei is simply a temptress, and infuriates me to no end. 

It is true (as Mr. Martin stated) that the show and the novels are entirely different beasts, however the decision to change an already fucked up consensual sex scene into a weird, character changing rape scene is baffling in its own rite. 

Happy death-day, Mr. Shakespeare. I hope they appreciate your dick jokes in the afterlife. 

Happy death-day, Mr. Shakespeare. I hope they appreciate your dick jokes in the afterlife.